Cafeteria services

RIISA works in partnership with Koivumäen Kartano. Groups have the opportunity to reserve the coffee break (min. for 20 persons) during your visit the museum. Coffee break could be organized in our multi-function room Mosaiikki.

Koivumäen Kartano uses only local fresh ingredients. For example, mushrooms and berries are usually picked up by local individuals.

RIISA and Koivumäen Kartano share passion for traditions and history. After the guided tour in the museum you can taste some sweet or savoury pastries and desserts with a cup of coffee or tea. In the same time you can share your feelings and thoughts with friends about things and stories you heard and saw.

A coffee break in the multi-function room Mosaiikki:

Please, reserve a coffee break in advance.

Please, take into consideration the following:

  • The minimum accounted amount of serving is for 20 persons
  • One alternative option for the whole group
  • We will take into consideration special diets according to your requests beforehand
  • All the options are lactose-free amd mostly gluten-free
  • The price includes coffee/tea, savory/sweet pastries and juice/water.

A sweet option:

1. Blueberry pasty and vanile cream
2. Couldberry-cream pastry
3. Sweet profiterole with Ranin Cognac-Chocolate mousse

PRICE 12,50€/person

A savoury option:

1. Smoked Salmon coulibiak
2. Hand-made Carelian pie with egg-butter and smoked-sauna turkey
3. Reindeer pie

PRICE 15€/person

Green salad and salad sauce + 2,50€/person

A package:

- Savoury pastry according to your choice
- Buns
- Sweet profiterole

PRICE 19,90€/person


GROUP LUNCH to Koivumäen Kartano

If you are more hungry after the guided tour, Koivumäen Kartano (Manor) could offer you the lunch in their own space in the centre of beautiful lakes and fields just in 10 min. driving from the centre of Kuopio. From the city centre you can also get there by bus 31.

The manor history begins from the general parcelling of the land in 1792. In 1869 the estate was bought by the merchant Gustaf Emanuel Ranin.

Enjoy your lunch, a cup of the best coffee in the manor or the relaxing evening with friends. Koivumäen Kartano combines food and peace.

The masterchef's creativity guarantees unforgettable experience for guests. The lunch includes starters, main course, desserts, coffee or tea as well as home bread, home bear, butter, juice and water.

During the eating you can also listen to information about the history of Koivumäen Kartano. The group has also the opportunity to make purchases from the manor delicacy food shop (local honey, coffee, tea, organic marmalades and jams, etc.)

If the group consists of more than 20 persons, the driver and the manager of the group are served free of charge.