What we offer

RIISA is a journey to the past and a window to the future!

RIISA - A Museum of the Future

RIISA – Orthodox Church Museum of Finland is a nationally and internationally significant specialty museum located in the city of Kuopio. It has its eyes on the future and its roots in the Karelian Orthodox heritage and ancient Byzantine traditions.

”We are a nationally notable specialty museum on the path to change. We are unique in the whole of Europe.

We want to tell about a living culture that goes back thousands of years. But we also want to do away with preconceptions. We have a wide view of the world and are taking bold steps towards physical and social accessibility.”

- Teresa Töntsi, Museum Director

RIISA is a memorable cultural tourism destination

As a museum that looks to the future, RIISA has been making long-term development plans and aiming for permanent solutions.

RIISA serves its guests in diverse ways and is an active part of the cultural tourism in Kuopio and Eastern Finland. We participate in many events and are constantly building our network. Openness and inspiring cooperation have created innovative and imaginative solutions. We place a high priority on making our guest’s visit as unforgettable as possible. We want our guests to feel welcomed in RIISA!

RIISA is a museum with a soul. Welcome!