Tuõddri Pee´rel – The pearls of the Nothern Fells 19.1. - 10.3.2018

New generation in Sevettijärvi, Pietari Niemenmaa. Photo: Tanja Sanila

The exhibition acquaints with culture, traditions and handicrafts of Skolts (Sami). The beauty of the habitat and the richness of the culture are reflected in gorgeous photos and traditional handicrafts. Living culture, skillfully prepared objects and colorful fragments of traditional outfits are depicted through these photos and handwork.

Skolts are the minority of Sami. Originally their homeland was in the northeastern parts of Finland and Norway, and on the Kola Peninsula in Russia as well. After the World War II Skolts were resettled in and around the villages of Sevettijärvi, Nellim and Keväjärvi in the municipality of Inari. At present about 600-700 of ethnic Skolt Sami live in Finland. Their language and culture are endangered.

The exhibition has been implemented by the Foundation of Skolt culture.