Heaven's Light - Spring 2017

The 60-year anniversary of RIISA starts by the exhibition "Heaven's Light" (21.1.-29.4.2017). The icon is the saint image, and the icon art unites people regardless of the view of the world. The Icon Painting also significantly promotes ecumenical thinking and interaction. It should be noticed that first icons were born in time when the christian church was not yet divided. The christian art has been always influenced by different cultural traditions.

The spiritual dimension of the icon is formed also by saint themes which are similar for all christians. The artist Eeva Zitting has painted ecumenical icons, where saint persons and events of the Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran churches participate in dialogue. Besides the traditional Saints of the Orthodox church, there are as eastern as western Saint Augustine of Hippo, Saint Christopher (Christ-bearer) or Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta who was canonized by the Catholic church in autumn 2016.

Artist Eeva Zitting and her icons. Photo: Henna Hietainen, RIISA - Orthodox Church Museum of Finland.