From Stone to Masterpiece 22.3. - 8.9.2018

Kati Lyra: Saint Elisabeth, mosaic on wax, 2017.

Mosaic Art absorbs its inspiration from the Byzantine Period. The ancient Byzantine technique still lives in hands on Mosaic artists. It requires years of training before the material obeys to its creator's wishes. Small and glittering pieces of stones turn into masterpieces. Interpretations of mosaic artists of the Mosaic Icon Workshop Petros are presented at the Exhibition "From Stone to Masterpiece".
The exhibition celebrates also the hundred-anniversary of the Finnish Orthodox Church as a state church.


The Mosaic Icon Workshop Petros operates in Siilinjärvi Northern Savonia and has been provided by the Orthodox Congregation of Kuopio. It was founded in 2002. The chairman of the Workshop is icon-painter Tuulikki Likitalo. The Workshop is the subsection of the Fellowship of St. Sergei and St. Herman.

During the winter the workshop gathers once a month at the Orthodox Church Hall in Siilinjärvi.

The Workshop organizes mosaic courses in cooperation with the Christian Learning Centre Agricola. The courses are led by the mosaic artist from Moscow Yury Yarin.

The activity of the Workshop is unique, not only in Finland. Siilinjärvi is the only place where the studying mosaic art is based on old Byzantine mosaics and used for them materials and methods.

Jaana Kontio: Angel, mosaic on plaster, 2017.

Aini Moilanen: Saint Andrew the Apostle, mosaic on plaster, 2015.