Faces of Christ - Spring / Summer 2016

Religions play a central role in the lives of many people all over the world. Faces of Christ is the first international exhibition to be presented in the renewed facilities of RIISA. The exhibition includes modern Catholic art from around the world. Steen Heidemann, the Curator and Owner of the Collection, has amassed works from e.g. Tanzania, Belarus, Italy and France.

The Faces of Christ Collection is being shown in Finland for the first time. Art from ten different nations will be shown in RIISA alongside the ancient traditions, iconography and works of the museum’s Main Exhibition, Stairway to Sanctity. Visitors can observe silent dialogues on themes of beauty, truth, prayer, suffering, mortality and resurrection. An accompanying exhibition, comparing works from the Faces of Christ Collection with modern Finnish religious art will be held in the Lahti Art Museum, opening on the 13th of February.

Collector Steen Heidemann is an art historian born in Denmark and currently residing in Normandy France. He organises exhibitions on impressionistic art worldwide. The Faces of Christ Collection presents a splendid variety of modern Christian art and examines how different cultures perceive religious subjects and themes.

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Thobias Minzi: Our Lady with infant Jesus, 2010 (Tanzania).

Maria José Ruiz: Alter Christus, 2012, detail (Andalusia, Spain).

Nikolai Masukov: Temptation of Devil, 2015, detail (Russia).